The aim of our study was to determine the incidence of developmental hip dysplasia (DHD) in the Western Mediterranean Region of Turkey and evaluate follow-up results of physiologically immature hips classified as type 2 according to Graf classification. Ultrasononographic examinations of the hips were performed using Graf's technique on 1162 infants (2324 hips) referred to our clinic for hip ultrasounds between March 2013 and March 2014. DHD was detected in 1.36% of 1162 infants. Among infants who were brought into repetitive follow-ups, 191 out of type 2a hip displasias of 201 infants were improved to type 1 and 10 type 2a hip dysplasias worsened. Sonographically worsened tip 2a group consisted of 4 type 2b, 6 type 2c DHDs. Hip ultrasound performed during neonatal period and infancy in the detection of developmental hip dysplasias and follow-up of hip dysplasias diagnosed as type 2a convey importance because of sonographically detected potential deterioration.

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Çekiç B, Erdem-Toslak İ, Sertkaya Ö, et al. Incidence and follow-up outcomes of developmental hip dysplasia of newborns in the Western Mediterranean Region. Turk J Pediatr 2015; 57: 353-358.