Volume 41 Issue 50 (1999)

Published: January 1, 1999

Review Articles

Multimedia and children in Turkey
Social indicators of child well-being and the World Wide Web: considering youth as users

Original Articles

Children are born as information seekers, "bright and dark sides of multimedia for child development". Introduction
Expanding concept of learning to learn
Children in Japan and multimedia
Country report: Singapore
Education in Australia
Country report on multimedia and Internet for children and youth in Taiwan
Introducing the Internet to primary schools in Japan: 100-School Networking Project, NTT Konet Plan, and related projects
The use of multimedia in the Childwatch International research network
Multimedia for edu-tainment of children in Asia: the case of television in seven Asian countries
Virtual reality in a children's hospital
Virtual reality--current multimedia--the world of virtual reality for children
Digital kids of the Heisei era: experiment at Toyonaka Bunka Kindergarten
Introduction of "Shinkenzemi 84 Net" project
Multimedia unplugged: a workshop on learning designs at the neoMuseum, Japan
Designing, constructing and utilizing of new learning spaces: space as a place to think with
New tools for learning
Implications for the future
Awareness of the earth and possibilities for new science education in the Internet age
A quick overview of present technology in Japan