Volume 38 Issue 3 (1996)

Published: September 28, 1996

Review Article

Reproductive effects of maternal metabolic disorders: implications for pediatrics and obstetrics

Original Articles

Sputum bacteriology and its antibiotic susceptibilities in Turkish cystic fibrosis patients
Incidence of H. influenzae in a day-care center
Effects of oral and intramuscular vitamin K prophylaxis on PIVKA-II assay parameters in breastfed infants in Turkey
Immune globulin treatment in intractable epilepsy of childhood
Cardiorespiratory function in Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy
Measles antibody response in vaccinated children
Intracerebral tuberculoma in children with tuberculous meningitis
Helicobacter pylori serology in childhood
Advances in the clinical management of pediatric kidney transplantation

Case Reports

Single photon emission computed tomography in adrenoleukodystrophy. A case report
Mcardle's disease. A case report
Castleman's disease. A case report
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome. A case report
Umbilical polyp originating from urachal remnants
Bernard-Soulier syndrome: a flow cytometric analysis of membrane GP-Ib expression
Spondylocostal dysplasia and cardiac anomalies in one dizygotic twin
Childhood achalasia
False aneurysm of the brachial artery in an infant following attempted venipuncture
Sirenomelia in an infant of a diabetic mother. A case report