Volume 36 Issue 2 (1994)

Published: June 28, 1994


Global child health: challenges and goals in the 1990s

Original Articles

Peripheral neuropathy in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
A preliminary study on IL4 levels in extrinsic atopic asthmatic children
Intracranial calcification in children on computed tomography
Leukocyte blood picture in early neonatal period in Antalya region of Turkey
Plasma free carnitine levels in children with malnutrition

Case Reports

Lipidosis with sea-blue histiocytes. Report of two siblings with lung involvement
I-cell disease. A case report and review of the literature
Classical phenylketonuria associated with Goldenhar's syndrome. A case report
Holoprosencephaly anomaly with nasal and premaxillar agenesis (possibly autosomal recessive type)
Congenital absence of the pulmonary valve associated with pulmonary stenosis, large ductus arteriosus and intact ventricular septum. Case report
A case of common truncus arteriosus with rare cardiac abnormalities
An unusual association: fibroepithelial polyp and contralateral nephrolithiasis in a child