Volume 63 Issue 5 (2021)

Published: October 28, 2021

Original Articles

Ketogenic diet therapy map of Turkey
Neuropsychiatric lupus in Malaysian children: clinical characteristics, imaging features and 12-month outcomes
Tobacco use among working adolescents and high school students in Turkey: evaluating the effect of the national tobacco control policy
Assessment of PD-L1 expression in patients with neuroblastoma and renal tumors
Autism spectrum disorder in patients with inherited metabolic disorders-a large sample from a tertiary center
Comparison of serum anti-neuronal antibody levels in patients having autism spectrum disorder with and without regression
COVID-19-related anxiety in phenylketonuria patients
Anxiety among the parents of pediatric patients receiving IVIG therapy during the Covid-19 pandemic
Mesenteric tissue oxygenation status on the development of necrotizing enterocolitis
Screen media exposure in pre-school children in Turkey: the relation with temperament and the role of parental attitudes
Evaluation of red meat allergy patients and review of the literature
Motor functions, quality of life and maternal anxiety and depression in children with cerebral palsy of different intelligence levels
The relationship of motor development with sensory processing among infants born very preterm: a prospective case-control study
The possible association between neonatal morbidities and amniotic fluid pH and electrolyte levels in infants of preeclamptic mothers
Evaluation of retinal nerve fiber layer and choroidal thickness with spectral domain optical coherence tomography in children with sickle cell anemia
Can peripheral blood monocyte percentage and lymphocyte monocyte ratio at diagnosis predict survival in pediatric neuroblastoma patients?

Case Reports

Cancer and constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency syndrome due to homozygous MSH 6 mutation in children with Café au Lait Spots and review of literature
A fatal interstitial lung disease in an anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 (anti-MDA5) antibody negative patient with juvenile dermatomyositis
An unusual neurologic presentation of pediatric neuroinvasive West Nile virus infection: ophthalmoplegia
Cardiac arrest due to a fatal dose of propranolol successfully treated with intravenous lipid infusion
Diphallia: a case report of a rare anomaly evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging
Cockayne syndrome type: a very rare association with hemorrhagic stroke
Ileal atresia and severe cerebral injury after fetoscopic laser photocoagulation treatment for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Umbilical artery to common femoral artery (CFA) transposition, a novel technique for limb salvage in a newborn: a case report

Letter to the Editor

Entero-encephalopathy due to FBXL4-related mtDNA depletion syndrome