Volume 29 Issue 4 (1987)

Published: December 28, 1987

Original Articles

Echocardiographic left ventricular size in the selection of surgical treatment in patients with tetralogy of Fallot
Computerized tomographic findings of complex partial seizures in childhood and adolescence
Tuberculous meningitis in childhood: clinical and computerized tomography scan manifestations
Determination of various parameters of sexual maturity in adolescent boys in Ankara
Viloxazine versus imipramine in the treatment of enuresis
The interaction between human blood-group (ABO) substances and enteropathogenic bacterial agents
The distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups in the Tabuk region and Medina Munewera, Saudi Arabia

Case Reports

von Hippel-Lindau disease: report of an adolescent case emphasizing the diagnostic aspects
Acute cerebellar ataxia as a complication of varicella in four children
Epidermolysis bullosa associated with pyloric obstruction