Volume 58 Issue 3 (2016)

Published: June 28, 2016

Original Articles

Neurological findings spectrum in Celiac disease
The subclinical effect of celiac disease on the heart and the effect of gluten-free diet on cardiac functions
Serum IL-13 levels at diagnosis and remission in children with malignant lymphoma
Pediatric bladder/prostate rhabdomyosarcoma: Eight cases from a single center
Mental health problems in children with uncomplicated epilepsy; relation with parental anxiety
Occurrence of paratubal cysts in childhood: An analysis of 26 cases
Gender differences in defense mechanisms, ways of coping with stress and sense of identity in adolescent suicide attempts
Is white matter affected in adolescents with anorexia nervosa? A study using magnetization transfer imaging
Nail changes secondary to hand-foot-mouth disease
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other disruptive behavior disorders are risk factors for recurrent epistaxis in children: A prospective case-controlled study

Case Reports

Severe theophylline poisoning treated with continuous venovenous hemodialysis in a child
Fatal paraphenylenediamine poisoning due to black henna
"Silent" β-thalassemia mutation (promoter nt-101 C > T) with increased hemoglobin A
Neuromyelitis optica mimics the morphology of spinal cord tumors
Accidental cisplatin overdose in a child: Successful management with repetitive plasmapheresis and use of chemoprotective agents
A late-diagnosed phenylketonuria case presenting with autism spectrum disorder in early childhood
The need for mechanical ventilation in a child exposed to a laundry detergent pod
Familial Mediterranean fever associated with optic neuritis, successfully treated with anti-interleukin 1 agents
Infectious diseases, autoimmunity and midline defect in a patient with a novel bi-allelic mutation in IL12RB1 gene
Pulmonary vascular anomalies: a review of clinical and radiological findings of cases presenting with different complaints in childhood