Volume 56 Issue 1 (2014)

Published: February 28, 2014

Original Articles

Primary liver tumors in children: Hacettepe experience
Child maltreatment and associated factors among children with ADHD: a comparative study
Initial white blood cell kinetics for assessment of individual response to the conditioning regimen in pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and risk factors in 6- to 7-yearold children in İstanbul, Turkey
Allergic diseases in children with primary immunodeficiencies
Urinary markers of renal damage in hypertensive children diagnosed with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Association of respiratory distress syndrome and perinatal hypoxia with histologic chorioamnionitis in preterm infants
Can biochemical markers predict the severity of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy?
Iliopsoas abscess in children: report on five patients with a literature review
Unilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney in children

Case Reports

A de novo 11q23 deletion in a patient presenting with severe ophthalmologic findings, psychomotor retardation and facial dysmorphism
Isolated central nervous system relapse in a child with non- Hodgkin lymphoma during treatment
Alpha-fetoprotein-producing hepatoid gastric adenocarcinoma in a child presenting with spontaneous gastric perforation
Acute tubulointerstitial nephritis-uveitis (TINU) syndrome developed secondary to paracetamol and codeine phosphate use: two case reports
Congenital epulis: from birth to childhood
Uncommon congenital antral web misdiagnosed twice as a pyloric ulcer: successful treatment with endoscopic balloon dilatation
Posterior mediastinal mass: an unusual presentation of pediatric tuberculosis
Atypical Fryns syndrome: clinical, radiological and pathological findings
Successful noninvasive mechanical ventilation in a child on prolonged and life-threatening invasive mechanical ventilation after Fontan operation
Antegrade balloon valvuloplasty for critical aortic stenosis in a premature neonate weighing 1100 g

Letters to the Editor

The importance of isoenzymes in creatinine kinase elevations
Iron deficiency anemia in late preterm infants
Quality of life in children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease