Volume 54 Issue 1 (2012)

Published: February 28, 2012

Original Articles

Varying clinical features of Turkish Kawasaki disease patients
The classification and differential diagnosis of absence seizures with short-term video-EEG monitoring during childhood
Seroprevalence of Bordetella pertussis immunoglobulin G antibodies among children in Samsun, Turkey
Leptin receptor gene Gln223Arg polymorphism is not associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome in Turkish children
Oseltamivir use in infants under one year of age: are there still unanswered questions?
Evaluation of cases with impaired state of consciousness: Gaziantep Children's Hospital experience
Hypercalcemia in glycogen storage disease type I patients of Turkish origin
A study of growth failure and its related factors in children from 0 to 2 years in Tehran, Iran
The prognostic factors in children undergoing pulmonary metastatectomy
When do we need to perform a diagnostic lumbar puncture for neurometabolic diseases? Positive yield and retrospective analysis from a tertiary center

Case Reports

Successful treatment of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli bacteremia with tigecycline in an acute myeloid leukemia child
A rare metabolic complication of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in childhood: lactic acidosis
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome: report of monozygote twins and a case with a novel mutation
Secondary pseudohypoaldosteronism caused by urinary tract infection associated with urinary tract anomalies: case reports
Intrapericardial teratoma in a newborn: a case report
Prenatally diagnosed case of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome associated with pulmonary artery aneurysm
Coexistence of vitiligo and psoriasis: three case reports
Temporary atrioventricular complete block that develops following the transcatheter closure of ventricular septal defect
Metabolic cataract in an 8-year-old diabetic boy
Cardiogenic shock: do not forget the possibility of Kawasaki disease

Letters to the Editor

Status dystonicus and rhabdomyolysis in a patient with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
Transplacental transmission of influenza A (H1N1) virus--is it really possible?