Volume 54 Issue 4 (2012)

Published: August 28, 2012

Review Article

Association between genotype, clinical presentation, and severity of congenital adrenal hyperplasia: a review

Original Articles

The analysis of child abuse and neglect cases assessed by a multidisciplinary study group between 2005-2008
Respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis in preterm infants: a cost-effectiveness study from Turkey
Relationship between metabolic control and neurocognitive functions in children diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus before and after 5 years of age
Fasciola hepatica infection: clinical and radiological findings in pediatric patients
Is there a necessity for multiple doses of surfactant for respiratory distress syndrome of premature infants?
Long-term epidemiologic longitudinal study on the effect of vaccines on public inoculation
Celiac disease in children with urolithiasis
The relationship between urinary tract infection and calcium excretion in children
Mid-term results of patients following total surgical correction of tetralogy of Fallot
Postoperative intussusception in children: a keen diagnosis in postoperative ileus

Case Reports

Detection of other inborn errors of metabolism in hyperphenylalaninemic babies picked up on narrow-spectrum screening programs
Treatment of a severe conversion disorder in a 10-year-old boy: a case study and overview
Myoclonic seizure due to cyclopentolate eye drop in a preterm infant
Two newborns of heroin-addicted mothers suffering neonatal withdrawal syndrome
Brain magnetic resonance imaging findings suggestive of widespread white matter involvement in children with Streptococcus mitis meningitis
Iatrogenic water intoxication during pelvic ultrasonography in a patient with diabetes insipidus
Malignant melanoma developed on a congenital melanocytic nevus with lymph node metastasis in a 19-month-old boy
Coexistence of splenic hemangioma and vascular malformation of the lower extremity in a child: a case report
Congenital partial arhinia: a rare malformation of the nose coexisting with holoprosencephaly
Coexistence of left ventricular noncompaction and double-orifice mitral valve in a patient with congestive heart failure

Letter to the Editor

Kawasaki disease in Turkey