Volume 35 Issue 3 (1993)

Published: September 28, 1993

Original Articles

Prenatal diagnosis of sickle cell anemia using PCR and restriction enzyme Dde I
Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring in healthy newborn infants
Etiological and functional evaluation of the pediatric population with spinal cord injuries
Measurement of testicular volume by ultrasonography
Chronic constipation: a cause of recurrent urinary tract infections
Fetal thymus development in vitamin D deficient rats
Child health, the genome project and phenylketonuria

Case Reports

Oxandrolone therapy in skeletal dysplasia
Type I glycogenosis with renal tubular dysfunction (presentation of two cases)
A case of transient hyperphosphatasaemia following vitamin D-deficient rickets
Torticollis with hiatus hernia in children. Sandifer syndrome
Osteomyelitis related to BCG vaccination: case report
Studies of immune response in a patient with selective complete C1q deficiency

Letter to the Editor

Recent progress in DNA technology