Volume 28 Issue 4 (1986)

Published: December 28, 1986

Original Articles

Distribution of hemoglobinopathies in Turkey. Report based on studies conducted at the Hacettepe Children's Hospital and the reviews of other studies
Reduced activity of erythrocyte, Na, K-ATPase in hypothyroid children
Ultrasonographic appearance of hydatic liver in children
The effects of ascorbic acid and ketotifen in the prevention of murine amyloidosis

Case Reports

A case of neonatal gastric hamartomatous polyp
Plasma cell granuloma of the cardioesophageal region
Retroperitoneal lipoblastoma in a three-year-old child
Malignant melanoma in childhood
Sclerosing cholangitis in a six-year-old boy
Lobar pneumonia and pneumatocele formation due to Salmonella paratyphi B in an infant