Volume 57 Issue 1 (2015)

Published: February 28, 2015

Original Articles

Early or later prophylactic INSURE in preterm infants of less than 30 weeks' gestation
Circulating fibroblast growth factor 23 in children on peritoneal dialysis is associated with effective dialysis
Decreased bone ultrasound velocity in premature infants conceived with assisted reproduction
Mannose-binding lectin may affect pregnancy outcome
Parental perceptions concerning the effect of center-based childcare on quality of life for healthy 2- to 4-year-old children
Brainstem auditory evoked potentials in late preterm infants at term-equivalent age
Neonates with inborn errors of metabolism: spectrum and short-term outcomes at a tertiary care hospital
Association between teething and independent walking in healthy children
The effect of gynecomastia on body image perception and gender roles in adolescents
Eight different viral agents in childhood acute gastroenteritis

Case Reports

Human herpesvirus 6 infection mimicking measles: two pediatric cases
Primary laryngeal lymphoma in a child
Datura stramonium poisoning in a child
Tuberculous liver abscess in an immunocompetent child with pulmonary tuberculosis as a cause of fever of unknown origin
Idiopathic central diabetes insipidus presenting in a very low birth weight infant successfully managed with lyophilized sublingual desmopressin
Two cases of hereditary benign telangiectasia in Turkey: sporadic occurrence with punctate telangiectasias surrounded by anemic halos
Chronic lip swelling as the sole presentation of Crohn's disease: three case reports
Angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma: case report and review of the literature
Acute lobar nephronia: value of unique magnetic resonance imaging findings in diagnosis and management
Spasmodic torticollis associated with sertraline in a child and an adolescent

Letter to the Editor

Resolution of food-induced anaphylaxis in DOCK8-deficient patients following bone marrow transplantation