Volume 50 Issue 4 (2008)

Published: August 28, 2008

Original Articles

Allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma update (ARIA 2008): the Turkish perspective
Analysis of 268 child and adolescent victims of sexual assault and the legal outcome
Childhood injuries in Tehran: a review of 1281 cases
Relation between microalbuminuria and gene mutations in familial Mediterranean fever
The effect of growth hormone treatment on head circumference in growth hormone-deficient children
Do radiologic studies correlate with each other and with surgical findings in intussusception?
The evaluation of acquired aplastic anemia in children and unexpected frequency of varicella-zoster virus association: a single-center study
Is Escherichia coli O157:H7 a common pathogen in children with bloody diarrhea in Shiraz, Iran?
Comparing body temperature measurements by mothers and physicians using mercury-in-glass, digital mercury and infrared tympanic membrane thermometers in healthy newborn babies
Metabolic syndrome in obese Turkish children and adolescents: comparison of two diagnostic models
Pediatric bedside tracheostomy in the pediatric intensive care unit: six-year experience

Case Reports

Osteoid osteoma in a 16-year-old boy presenting with atrophy of the left thigh: diagnostic difficulties
An infant with unexplained multiple rib fractures occurring during treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit
Relapsing Herpes simplex virus encephalitis despite high-dose acyclovir therapy: a case report
Cystic fibrosis in a boy with meconium ileus and mild clinical phenotype associated with 2183AA-G/D1152H genotype
Hyperprostaglandin E syndrome: use of indomethacin and steroid, and death due to necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis
A case of postganglionic Horner syndrome after catheterization of internal jugular vein confirmed with pharmacological tests
Prenatally diagnosed lethal type Larsen-like syndrome associated with bifid tongue
Massive fetomaternal hemorrhage and late-onset neutropenia: description of two cases
Severe sepsis in a premature neonate: protein C replacement therapy
Bacterial tracheitis--not always primary

Letter to the Editor

Guillain-Barré syndrome in an immunocompromised patient with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome