Volume 47 Issue 2 (2005)

Published: June 28, 2005

Original Articles

Hepatitis B and measles seroprevalence among Turkish children
The effect of cetirizine on IFN-gamma and IL-10 production in children with allergic rhinitis
Evaluation of 39 children with stroke regarding etiologic risk factors and treatment
Childhood acute rheumatic fever in Ankara, Turkey
Blood lead levels of maternal-cord pairs, children and adults who live in a central urban area in Turkey
Assessment of magnesium status in newly diagnosed diabetic children: measurement of erythrocyte magnesium level and magnesium tolerance testing
Celiac disease screening in 100 Turkish children with Down syndrome
Infant and adolescent deaths in Istanbul due to home accidents
Evaluation of visual evoked potentials in children with headache
Neurophysiologic features in glutaric aciduria type I
Noncardiac malformations in congenital heart disease: a retrospective analysis of 305 pediatric autopsies

Case Reports

Fanconi-Bickel syndrome in three Turkish patients with different homozygous mutations
Cerebral complications in diabetic ketoacidosis
Chronic hereditary pancreatitis with N29I mutation in a Turkish child
Female pseudohermaphroditism due to classical 21-hydroxylase deficiency and insulin resistance in a girl with Turner syndrome
Inflammatory bowel disease-like colitis in a young Turkish child with glycogen storage disease type 1b and elevated platelet count
Acanthosis nigricans in association with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: resolution after treatment. Case report
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma in a child presenting with cutaneous nodules and blisters
Visceral leishmaniasis and pseudomonas septicemia associated with hemophagocytic syndrome and myelodysplasia in a Turkish child
An anencephalic monocephalus diprosopus "headed twin": postmortem and CT findings with emphasis on the cranial bones
An unusual case of monosomy 18p: minor malformations with speech delay