Volume 53 Issue 6 (2011)

Published: December 28, 2011

Original Articles

Risk factors associated with hospital admission among healthy children with adenovirus infection
Rotavirus epidemiology of children in Bursa, Turkey: a multi-centered hospital-based descriptive study
Chickenpox complications, incidence and financial burden in previously healthy children and those with an underlying disease in Ankara in the pre-vaccination period
Profile of dengue patients admitted to a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai
Helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcer in eastern Turkish children: is it more common than known?
Assessment of bone density in children with cerebral palsy by areal bone mineral density measurement
Transforming growth factor-beta1 (509 C/T, 915 G/C, 869 T/C) polymorphisms are not related to obesity in Turkish children
Emergency room management of acute bronchiolitis: a randomized trial of nebulized epinephrine
One-year follow-up of penis and testis sizes of healthy Turkish male newborns
Frequency and correlates of psychiatric disorders in early childhood: a study of population and clinical samples in Turkey

Case Reports

Epstein-Barr virus encephalitis: findings of MRI, MRS, diffusion and perfusion
Subglottic cysts in a patient with recurrent stridor and respiratory distress
Two cases of LEOPARD syndrome--RAF1 mutations firstly described in children
Richner-Hanhart syndrome (tyrosinemia type II): a case report of delayed diagnosis with pseudodendritic corneal lesion
Challenges of radiological assessment in an infant with giant calcified hepatoblastoma
A 1.5 cm-long unknown subconjunctival grass inflorescence misdiagnosed as relapsing conjunctivitis for one year
Hypopituitarism masquerading as Prasad's syndrome: a case report
Neonatal gastrointestinal mucormycosis in an asphyxiated premature newborn
Albendazole-induced dystonic reaction: a case report
Proximal humeral physeal widening: little leaguer's shoulder or a variation of normal development?

Letters to the Editor

Acute motor axonal neuropathy and H1N1 influenza A infection
About selective IgA deficiency
Vitamin B12 (vit B12) deficiency treatment in infants and its prevention